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The new beginning you seek to wipe out debt, buy a new home or car is within Chapter 7 can help to save your home.

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We aggressively defend the rights of clients facing criminal charges in all types of cases, including OUI/DUI and alcohol- and drug-related charges.

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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can help you to re-organize your bills, repossessions, stop foreclosure, high credit card interest and garnishments in one day.

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The major contributing factors to a Chapter 7 bankruptcy are loss of employment, illness, divorce, and unexpected family emergencies.

Represent lenders, buyers, and sellers in all aspects of residential transactions, including purchases, refinancing, leasing, and construction.
Real estate finance & landlord tenent disputes.

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceeding will allow the debtor to repay the money that they are behind on their mortgage, or mortgages, over a period of up to five years.
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We work with your creditors to establish payments that are manageable for you and to relieve the stress of overwhelming debt.
Debt Negotiation.

We are here to help guide you through these difficult times.